IdeaVortex is a results-oriented software company specializing in research and development projects, in particular on early “green field” projects, calibrating a client’s innovative ideas. Our strength is human centricity in functional design and leadership consulting. With 25+ years of problem-solving experience for companies of all sizes (and across many industries), Idea Vortex is well positioned to help bring breakthrough innovation or organizational improvements to our clients.

**IdeaVortex is not a graphics design firm.

Our Competitive Advantage

Design Thinking resonates in our approach that is based on experience in human centricity in design and engineering management, formed at Apple and carried on to several companies and organizations for over 25 years

Having authored patents for innovative companies, such as Apple and GE, as well as in our own proprietary utility provisional patents, we bring engineering experience in non-legal Intellectual Property research

Full lifecycle architecture, design and implementation experience in researching and calibrating ideas, prototyping, and developing POCs, Pilots, and MVPs

Having solid software engineering background we understand that an MVP requires good documentation plus production readiness and resilience

Having formal and hands-on experience in leadership, as well as an individual contributor in small teams, our principal can serve as an unbiased observer of team dynamics and make harmonious recommendations



Workphase.io: The lean project management tool for high performers

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The abundance of choices project-management is overly complicated. Whether you are working solo on TODOs at home, or in small teams, work smarter by centralizing all project tasks in one simple control, lean application.

What’s next: Your ideas in a blockchain?, hmmm

Questionnaire Sentiment API

Given a question and a set of answers, return the corresponding sentiment analysis for each answer with a correlation id. Please note that this API does not store your data in any way. Please contact us if you wish to integrate or customize the API.



We can temporarily fill a vacant leadership position or gather unbiased insights on team dynamics

Software Development

Develop POCs (Proof-of-concept) to explore the feasibility of a new or existing technology

Develop resilient MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), including building a team if necessary


Calibrating your Innovation

Calibrating your innovative idea with limited resources through insights, exploration and prototyping

Research and Testing

Research and develop non-legal aspects of intellectual property surrounding an innovation

Whitebox testing

Blackbox testing

Beta testing

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