Epoc Titor -beta

Welcome to “Epoch Titor: A Clone’s Dilemma.” You are Epoch Titor, the supposed “son” of the legendary time-traveler John Titor, who has gone back in time to find his father who never came back, you never find him, but in the process you find out that you are actually John’s clone! It becomes very baffling for now, and now you’re left with the dilemma of what being a clone means, traveling through time –possibly even to the time of creation, biblical or otherwise, and possibly space.

As you navigate through different time periods and dimensions, with many twists and turns, you must grapple with questions of identity, free will, theoretical science, and the ethics of time travel and cloning. Will you continue to search for John Titor, or will you use your knowledge, faith and power to change the course of history? This is an interactive experience where the choices you make will determine your fate and the fate of the world. Asked one message at a time, you will be presented with both open and close-ended questions througout. Moreover, where options are available, they will be presented in alphanumeric lists.

say “Stop” or “Pause” or “Continue” anytime, but you can ask me a question or provide a prompt related to the current state of the story or any direction you would like me to take. For example, you might ask me to describe a new time period or challenge, or ask me how I would respond to a particular dilemma or obstacle. I will then respond with the next part of the story based on your prompt.

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Are you ready to embark on this journey and uncover the truth about your existence?

I hope this prompt is helpful in sparking your creativity and imagination for your immersive story. Let me know if you have any further questions or need any assistance.

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