Lateral Thinking in Idea Generation by Turning Off Color

Drawing a blank? As a fervent explorer of creative frontiers, I found myself utterly captivated by the enchanting magic of lateral thinking in my pursuit of generating ideas. Especially when literarily drawing a blank or feeling frustrated by the analytical me in the middle of a problem, lateral thinking breathed new life into my creative process. Allow me to share my own artistic escapade – a journey that was inspired by a most unconventional approach that started by literally turning off color from my modern canvas: my computer display. This experience led me to take on an exploratory urban sketching as a way to unwind, igniting the spark of lateral thinking in my artistic endeavors.

Amidst my profound artistic exploration, I stumbled upon an old gem from my days as an architectural student – a quick rendering technique. It entailed capturing form through swift scribbling strokes to highlight the essence, followed by accentuating colors in specific areas, leaving the rest of the canvas pristine and blank. This method was akin to a dance of shadows and highlights, where the artwork seemed to spring to life, speaking its own eloquent language.

Embracing the very essence of lateral thinking, I dared to adapt this architectural marvel into my personal art form – a canvas for boundless creativity. Drawing inspiration from the subtle elegance of grayscale and the absence of color, I found myself venturing into uncharted territories of artistic expression – a realm where minimalism spoke volumes, and the language of emotions transcended the confines of words.

True to the heart of a seasoned lateral thinker, I questioned the confines of traditional design. Why be beholden to the meticulous representation of every detail when the essence of my thoughts could be conveyed through the expressive art of scribbling strokes? I immersed myself in the mesmerizing beauty of simplicity, embarking on a journey where less was undeniably more, and the very core of my creations was driven by raw emotion rather than the constraints of analytical thought.

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Within this newfound art form, I discovered the extraordinary potency of lateral thinking in idea generation. It beckoned me to embrace ambiguity, venture beyond the surface of the obvious, and unearth the hidden treasures concealed within the depths of my imagination. Just like a seasoned lateral thinker, I reveled in the art of shifting perspectives, uncovering unconventional wellsprings of inspiration, and dancing harmoniously with the interplay of shadows and light, revealing the unparalleled uniqueness of each artistic creation.

In this very odyssey of art, I gleaned a profound revelation – lateral thinking is the key to transcending boundaries and breathing boundless life into the realm of possibilities. My quick capture of light and dark metamorphosed into a soul-stirring celebration of the art form I now call my own – where simplicity reigns supreme, and the heart and soul of each artwork emerge in resplendent brilliance.

Dear reader, as you embark on your own enthralling journey of lateral thinking in idea generation, remember the indomitable power it wields. Embrace the unconventional, challenge the norms, and let your creativity soar to unparalleled heights. Who knows, within the enchanting realm of lateral thinking, you may very well uncover an exquisite spark of artistic genius – a mesmerizing dance of shadows and light that leaves the world awe-inspired.

Here is an example of my mess-art. I call it my “Relajo” (Relaxed) style. Not exactly a Picasso, but quite a nice 5-minutes cup of recharging creativity! Every stroke is done with nothing but form, light and dark in mind. Even though the original was only three stories LOL, my brain had some consistency, without even thinking about it –precisely the point. Is it a museum? a government building, a mausoleum? And what ended up in the center window of the third floor? A statue of a saint?

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Happy creating!

doodled building art 1

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